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Digital Gabbar (DG) – A digital content and marketing resource site, founded by Rohit Mehta in 2020.

The main objective of Digital Gabbar is to build a digital man force for the country for which we are committed to provide quality tutorials, tips, courses, tools and services.


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About Digital Gabbar Origin

Digital Gabbar started in 2020, as you know, employment has been lost in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the event of this pandemic, we began to give the idea of ​​income to young India in a digital way.

So, we started it as a blog, where we distribute digital content in both Hindi and English languages simultaneously. For which we created blogs digitalgabbar.com for English language and digitalgabbar.in for Hindi language.

Digital Gabbar will continue to share its digital information with you in the same way. you can also join Digital Gabbar Forum for question and answer on trending digital topics.

Target of Our Blogs

The target of our blogs is to cover all digital industry topics (like: Blogging, Affiliate, SEO, Dropshipping, Social Media, online money making information, guides, tutorials, crypto, finance etc.) and we will try our best to make those guides easy as much possible to learn fast.

Digital Gabbar as a Book Publisher

Digital Gabbar is registered as Book Publisher in Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency for ISBN.

Anyone (Bloggers, Freelancers, Digital Marketers etc.) who want to become a Author can contact us. we will help them in getting ISBN of the book, printing and publishing the books.

Digital Gabbar as a Digital Consultant

Rohit Mehta, the founder of Digital Gabbar, has been working in the field of IT and Digital Marketing for the last ten years. Therefore, the facility of digital consultant is also provided by Rohit Mehta and his team under the banner of Digital Gabbar.

These services covered under it are as follows:

  1. IT Hardware And Networking Consultation
  2. Social Media Consultation
  3. personal/Business branding Consultation
  4. Blog and Ranking Consultation
  5. SEO and SMO Consultation
  6. Book writing Consultation

We have also launched some SEO and Digital Marketing Tools, by which bloggers, freelancers, digital marketers and agencies are completing their tasks.

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Moreover, in 2021 we have launched another website Indian Gabbar which is an exclusive blog for all useful information related to Digital India. Also we publish interviews of popular digital marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, entrepreneurs and digital creators for inspiration

Through Indian Gabbar our readers can read their stories and take inspiration in their digital journey.

Well, thanks a lot for reading about Digital Gabbar because I’m not one of the typo writers, but of course I’ll be updating this constantly with more information.

Well, thanks a lot for reading about Digital Gabbar because I’m not one of the typo writers, but of course I’ll be updating this constantly with more information.

Rohit Mehta, Funder of Digital Gabbar

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